A light probe that applies planar reflections to the near objects.

Code Example

const probe = new v3d.PlaneReflectionProbe(); probe.update(scene, camera, renderer); scene.add(probe);



Creates a new PlaneReflectionProbe.


See the base Object3D class for common properties.

.influenceDistance : Float

Controls how big is the distance of influence. Default is 1.

.falloff : Float

Plane influence falloff factor. Default is 0.5.

.matrixWorldInverse : Matrix4

The inverse of matrixWorld.

.probeClipStart : Float

Objects located closer than this value won't appear on the probe's map. Default is 0.1.

.renderTarget : WebGLRenderTarget

A WebGLRenderTarget instance containing the rendered environment map. Default is null. Updated automatically after calling the .update method.

.type : String

A string 'PlaneReflectionProbe'. This can be used to find all PlaneReflectionProbe objects. Shouldn't be changed.

.visibilityGroup : String

If not null, only objects from this group are rendered into the plane map (see also Object3D.groupNames). Default is null, which means no visibility group is used and the probe renders all scene objects.

.visibilityGroupInv : Boolean

If .visibilityGroup is not null this option (if true) makes it so only objects that don't belong to the specified .visibilityGroup are rendered into the environment map. Default is false.


See the base Object3D class for common methods.


Remove resources related to the render targets used by this object from memory.

.intersectsMesh(mesh : Mesh) → Boolean

mesh — a Mesh object to test intersections with.

Check if there's any intersection between the probe's influence volume (see .influenceDistance and .influenceType) and the given mesh object. Returns the checking result. Exact calculations depend on .influenceType, for example for v3d.ReflectionProbeTypeInfinite the method always returns true.

.setSize(size : Integer)

size — new map size.

Set the plane map size.

.update(scene : Scene, camera : Camera, renderer : WebGLRenderer)

scene — a scene to render.
scene — a camera to render.
renderer — a WebGLRenderer instance.

Render the given scene into the probe's map. The rendering result will be in the .renderTarget property.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.