This light globally illuminates all objects in the scene equally.

This light cannot be used to cast shadows as it does not have a direction.


animation / cloth
animation / skinning / blending

var light = new v3d.AmbientLight(0x404040); // soft white light scene.add(light);


AmbientLight(color : Integer, intensity : Float)

color - (optional) Numeric value of the RGB component of the color. Default is 0xffffff.
intensity - (optional) Numeric value of the light's strength/intensity. Default is 1.

Creates a new AmbientLight.


See the base Light class for common properties.

.castShadow : Boolean

This is set to undefined in the constructor as ambient lights cannot cast shadows.

.isAmbientLight : Boolean

Used to check whether this or derived classes are ambient lights. Default is true.

You should not change this, as it used internally for optimisation.


See the base Light class for common methods.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.