Creates a visual aid for a RectAreaLight.


var light = new v3d.RectAreaLight(0xffffbb, 1.0, 5, 5); var helper = new v3d.RectAreaLightHelper(light); light.add(helper); // helper must be added as a child of the light


RectAreaLightHelper(light : RectAreaLight, color : Hex)

light -- The light being visualized.

color -- (optional) if this is not the set the helper will take the color of the light.


See the base Object3D class for common properties.

.light : RectAreaLight

Reference to the RectAreaLight being visualized.

.color : hex

The color parameter passed in the constructor. Default is undefined. If this is changed, the helper's color will update the next time update is called.


See the base Object3D class for common methods.

.dispose () : null

Dispose of the rectAreaLightHelper.

.update () : null

Updates the helper to match the position and direction of the .light.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.