Helper object to graphically show the world-axis-aligned bounding box around an object. The actual bounding box is handled with Box3, this is just a visual helper for debugging. It can be automatically resized with the BoxHelper.update method when the object it's created from is transformed. Note that the object must have a Geometry or BufferGeometry for this to work, so it won't work with Sprites.


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var sphere = new v3d.SphereGeometry(); var object = new v3d.Mesh(sphere, new v3d.MeshBasicMaterial(0xff0000)); var box = new v3d.BoxHelper(object, 0xffff00); scene.add(box);


BoxHelper(object : Object3D, color : Color)

object -- (optional) the object3D to show the world-axis-aligned boundingbox.
color -- (optional) hexadecimal value that defines the box's color. Default is 0xffff00.

Creates a new wireframe box that bounds the passed object. Internally this uses Box3.setFromObject to calculate the dimensions. Note that this includes any children.


See the base LineSegments class for common properties.


See the base LineSegments class for common methods.

.update () : null

Updates the helper's geometry to match the dimensions of the object, including any children. See Box3.setFromObject.

.setFromObject (object : Object3D) : BoxHelper

object - Object3D to create the helper of.

Updates the wireframe box for the passed object.


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