A class for generating text as a single geometry. It is constructed by providing a string of text, and a hash of parameters consisting of a loaded Font and settings for the geometry's parent ExtrudeGeometry. See the Font, FontLoader and [page:Creating-Text] pages for additional details.

Code Example

const loader = new v3d.FontLoader(); loader.load('fonts/helvetiker_regular.typeface.json', function(font) { const geometry = new v3d.TextGeometry('Hello Verge3D!', { font: font, size: 80, height: 5, curveSegments: 12, bevelEnabled: true, bevelThickness: 10, bevelSize: 8, bevelOffset: 0, bevelSegments: 5 }); });


geometry / text


TextGeometry(text : String, parameters : Object)

text — The text that needs to be shown.
parameters — Object that can contains the following parameters.

Available Fonts

TextGeometry uses typeface.json generated fonts. Some existing fonts can be found located in /examples/fonts and must be included in the page.

Font Weight Style File Path
helvetiker normal normal /examples/fonts/helvetiker_regular.typeface.json
helvetiker bold normal /examples/fonts/helvetiker_bold.typeface.json
optimer normal normal /examples/fonts/optimer_regular.typeface.json
optimer bold normal /examples/fonts/optimer_bold.typeface.json
gentilis normal normal /examples/fonts/gentilis_regular.typeface.json
gentilis bold normal /examples/fonts/gentilis_bold.typeface.json
droid sans normal normal /examples/fonts/droid/droid_sans_regular.typeface.json
droid sans bold normal /examples/fonts/droid/droid_sans_bold.typeface.json
droid serif normal normal /examples/fonts/droid/droid_serif_regular.typeface.json
droid serif bold normal /examples/fonts/droid/droid_serif_bold.typeface.json


See the base ExtrudeGeometry class for common properties.

.parameters : Object

An object with a property for each of the constructor parameters. Any modification after instantiation does not change the geometry.


See the base ExtrudeGeometry class for common methods.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.