This is the BufferGeometry port of ConeGeometry.


var geometry = new v3d.ConeBufferGeometry(5, 20, 32); var material = new v3d.MeshBasicMaterial({color: 0xffff00}); var cone = new v3d.Mesh(geometry, material); scene.add(cone);


ConeBufferGeometry(radius : Float, height : Float, radialSegments : Integer, heightSegments : Integer, openEnded : Boolean, thetaStart : Float, thetaLength : Float)

radius — Radius of the cone base. Default is 1.
height — Height of the cone. Default is 1.
radialSegments — Number of segmented faces around the circumference of the cone. Default is 8
heightSegments — Number of rows of faces along the height of the cone. Default is 1.
openEnded — A Boolean indicating whether the base of the cone is open or capped. Default is false, meaning capped.
thetaStart — Start angle for first segment, default = 0 (three o'clock position).
thetaLength — The central angle, often called theta, of the circular sector. The default is 2*Pi, which makes for a complete cone.


See the base CylinderBufferGeometry class for common properties.

.parameters : Object

An object with a property for each of the constructor parameters. Any modification after instantiation does not change the geometry.


See the base CylinderBufferGeometry class for common methods.