Create a smooth 2D quadratic bezier curve, defined by a startpoint, endpoint and a single control point.

Code Example

const curve = new v3d.QuadraticBezierCurve( new v3d.Vector2(-10, 0), new v3d.Vector2(20, 15), new v3d.Vector2(10, 0) ); const points = curve.getPoints(50); const geometry = new v3d.BufferGeometry().setFromPoints(points); const material = new v3d.LineBasicMaterial({ color: 0xff0000 }); // create the final object to add to the scene const curveObject = new v3d.Line(geometry, material);


QuadraticBezierCurve(v0 : Vector2, v1 : Vector2, v2 : Vector2)

v0 – The startpoint.
v1 – The control point.
v2 – The endpoint.


See the base Curve class for common properties.

.v0 : Vector2

The startpoint.

.v1 : Vector2

The control point.

.v2 : Vector2

The endpoint.


See the base Curve class for common methods.


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