Create a set of Shapes representing a font loaded in JSON format.


Font(data : Object)

data — JSON typeface data representing the font.

This constructor creates a new Font, which is an array of Shapes.


.data : Object

The JSON typeface data passed in the constructor.


.generateShapes(text : String, size : Float, alignX : String, alignY : String, lineHeight : Float, scaledEmSize : Boolean)

text — string of text.
size — (optional) scale for the Shapes. Default is 100.
size — (optional) scale for the Shapes. Default is 100.
alignX — (optional) horizontal text alignment. Default is "left".
alignY — (optional) vertical text alignment. Default is "topBaseline".
lineHeight — (optional) line height. Default is -1 for auto.
scaledEmSize — (optional) reduce font height to match font bounding box, not ascender-descender value taken from the font. Default is false.

Creates an array of Shapes representing the text in the font.


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