Abstract base class for constraints.

Constraints are used to set up various relations between objects by affecting their position, rotation and scale. Can be used with the Object3D.constraints property.



This constructor creates a generic constraint (almost unusable).


.isConstraint : Boolean

Used to check whether this or derived classes are constraints. Default is true.

.mute : Boolean

Mutes the constraint so it won't affect the constrained object. Default is false.

.name : String

The constraint's name. Default is an empty string.

.type : String

The constraint's type. Equals to 'Constraint'.


.clone() → Constraint

Return a new constraint with the same parameters as this constraint.

.copy(source : Constraint) → Constraint

Copy the parameters from the passed "source" constraint into this constraint.

.update(obj : Object3D)

Updates the passed object's transformations by applying the constraint to it.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.