WebGLRenderer Constants

These constants define parameters of the WebGL renderer.

Cull Face Modes

v3d.CullFaceNone v3d.CullFaceBack v3d.CullFaceFront v3d.CullFaceFrontBack

CullFaceNone disables face culling.
CullFaceBack culls back faces (default).
CullFaceFront culls front faces.
CullFaceFrontBack culls both front and back faces.

Shadow Types

v3d.BasicShadowMap v3d.BilinearShadowMap v3d.PCFShadowMap v3d.PCFSoftShadowMap v3d.PCFShadowMapPoissonDisk v3d.VSMShadowMap v3d.ESMShadowMap

These define the WebGLRenderer's shadowMap.type property.

Tone Mapping

v3d.NoToneMapping v3d.LinearToneMapping v3d.ReinhardToneMapping v3d.CineonToneMapping v3d.ACESFilmicToneMapping v3d.CustomToneMapping v3d.LogarithmicMaxToneMapping v3d.PhysicalMaxToneMapping v3d.FilmicBlenderToneMapping

These define the WebGLRenderer's toneMapping property. This is used to approximate the appearance of high dynamic range (HDR) on the low dynamic range medium of a standard computer monitor or mobile device's screen.

All mapping types except v3d.CustomToneMapping are the built-in implementations of tone mapping. v3d.CustomToneMapping expects a custom implementation by modyfing GLSL code of the material's fragment shader.

OIT Algorithms

v3d.NoOIT v3d.OITWeighted

Algorithm to use for order-independent transparency: none or Weighted Blended.


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