Buffer Attribute Usage Constants

The usage constants can be used to provide a hint to the API regarding how the geometry buffer attribute will be used in order to optimize performance.

Code Example

const geometry = new v3d.BufferGeometry(); const positionAttribute = new v3d.BufferAttribute(array, 3 , false); positionAttribute.setUsage(v3d.DynamicDrawUsage); geometry.setAttribute('position', positionAttribute);


materials / buffergeometry / drawrange

Geometry Usage

v3d.StaticDrawUsage v3d.DynamicDrawUsage v3d.StreamDrawUsage v3d.StaticReadUsage v3d.DynamicReadUsage v3d.StreamReadUsage v3d.StaticCopyUsage v3d.DynamicCopyUsage v3d.StreamCopyUsage For more detailed information on each of these constants see this OpenGL documentation.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.