Creates 6 cameras that render to a WebGLCubeRenderTarget.


materials / cubemap / dynamic

shading / physical

// Create cube camera var cubeCamera = new v3d.CubeCamera(1, 100000, 128); scene.add(cubeCamera); // Create car var chromeMaterial = new v3d.MeshLambertMaterial({ color: 0xffffff, envMap: cubeCamera.renderTarget.texture }); var car = new Mesh(carGeometry, chromeMaterial); scene.add(car); // Update the render target cube car.setVisible(false); cubeCamera.position.copy(car.position); cubeCamera.update(renderer, scene); // Render the scene car.setVisible(true); renderer.render(scene, camera);


CubeCamera(near : Number, far : Number, cubeResolution : Number, options : Object)

near -- The near clipping distance.
far -- The far clipping distance
cubeResolution -- Sets the length of the cube's edges.
options - (optional) object that holds texture parameters passed to the auto-generated WebGLCubeRenderTarget. If not specified, the options default to: { format: RGBFormat, magFilter: LinearFilter, minFilter: LinearFilter }

Constructs a CubeCamera that contains 6 PerspectiveCameras that render to a WebGLCubeRenderTarget.


See the base Object3D class for common properties.

.renderTarget : WebGLCubeRenderTarget

The cube texture that gets generated.


See the base Object3D class for common methods.

.update (renderer : WebGLRenderer, scene : Scene) : null

renderer -- The current WebGL renderer
scene -- The current scene

Call this to update the renderTarget.

.clear (renderer : WebGLRenderer, color : Boolean, depth : Boolean, stencil : Boolean) : null

Call this to clear the renderTarget color, depth, and/or stencil buffers. The color buffer is set to the renderer's current clear color. Arguments default to true.


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