An object with various functions to assist with animations, used internally.


.arraySlice(array : TypedArray, from : Integer, to : Integer) → TypedArray

This is the same as Array.prototype.slice, but also works on typed arrays.

.convertArray(array : TypedArray, type : Constructor, forceClone : Boolean) → TypedArray

Converts an array to a specific type.

.flattenJSON(jsonKeys, times, values, valuePropertyName) → Array

Used for parsing AOS keyframe formats.

.getKeyframeOrder(times) → Array

Returns an array by which times and values can be sorted.

.isTypedArray(object) → Boolean

Returns true if the object is a typed array.

.makeClipAdditive(targetClip : AnimationClip, referenceFrame : Float, referenceClip : AnimationClip, fps : Float) → AnimationClip

Converts the keyframes of the given animation clip to an additive format.

.sortedArray(values, stride, order) → Array

Sorts the array previously returned by getKeyframeOrder.

.subclip(clip : AnimationClip, name : String, startFrame : Float, endFrame : Float, fps : Float) → AnimationClip

Creates a new clip, containing only the segment of the original clip between the given frames.


For more info on how to obtain the source code of this module see this page.